The origins of SALTEC date back to the 50s decade, manufacturing winch hoists, wheelbarrows and concrete mixers, creating the company Construcciones Torrubia and the commercial brand called TORGAR.

The 60s and 70s decades are a consolidation and expansion period for the company, in which the brand TORGAR starts being well recognized for its quality, heavy-duty and reliable equipment. In addition to the concrete mixer, the company starts manufacturing building hoists, mining elevators and turnkey concrete plants.

1984 will be a year of important changes. Due to an internal reorganization, some of the employees buy the company, rebranding the name of the company as “SALTEC Equipos para la Construcción”, keeping TORGAR as a commercial brand.

At the end of the 90's new equipments are manufactured through the rack and pinion system. In addition to the construction sector, SALTEC markets their equipments in industrial applications for temporary and permanent installations.

In 2012, SALTEC develops new machines and new applications for the vertical access needs and increases the presence in new markets. Besides, the company decides to change its corporative image in order to make more visible the experience in providing elevationsolutions.