In SALTEC you will find a staff and a working system which will fulfill with all and every of your requirements, with all and every of our commitments, going alone with you in all the process.

Our proposal is as simple as effective, as novel as ingenious, making this way TOGETHER. Together in the design, together in the productive process, together in the advice.

We are an open company. We want, we wish and we look forward to knowing your requests, ideas and suggestions for working TOGETHER in the achievement of the best result.

In this open world in ongoing change, SALTEC goes beyond of the standard customer, we look for partners, collaborators, who we can work with harmony for the achievements of objectives.

This continuous evolution is the one which pushes us, is our motor and our goal, improving every day, progresing and moving forward, but with one condition, doing it TOGETHER
with you.

Our final goal is to move forward in ongoing change to reach BOTH the excellence.