Personnel and material Hoist T1-DC

personnel and materials hoist T1-DC, Twin Cage, up to 2.500 kgs. per cabin


TORGAR hoists offer strong performance and durability with low maintenance cost.

Available in single or twin cabin configuration, TORGAR hoists with a capacity up to 2.500 Kg/cabin.

High-speed and reliability are increasingly important features in large and complex building projects.

With Frequency Control System and counterweight optionals, TORGAR hoists may operate at speeds up to 70 m/min offering a smooth and efficientoperation.


* Heavy-duty construction, ready to work under the worst conditions.

* Fully manufactured in hot dipped galvanized steel and aluminium: superior strength and long-life performance.

* Sophisticated electronic managing system, with friendly-use control panel placed into the cabin.

* Overspeed emergency brake installed on an independent pinion: stops softly the cabin in case of an overspeed during the descent.

* Overload control system: loadcells control the weight into the cabin to avoid overloading.

*Rack and pinion constructed in module 8, obtaining the highest strength and reliability.

* Variable Frequency Drive, available as an option: It allows soft and smooth starts and stops with an optimum landing accuracy.

* Encoder system, available as an option, avoiding the installation of stop-level switches and thus making faster the erection.

* Voltage supply: 400/440 V AC, 3ph, 50/60 Hz

* Control voltage: 48 V AC.

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